It's important to understand the role that a recruitment consultant has in your job seeking process.
  • Your aspire recruitment consultant is working for your prospective employer as well as you so it's critical that you maintain contact throughout your job application process. The lines of communication must be open and clear at all times.
  • Be honest with your consultant - fudging your details helps no-one make the best match
  • Let your consultant know if you are applying for more than one role. This allows them to advise the client accordingly and if they need to make a decision quicker than planned in order to hire you sooner rather than later, they need to know why
  • Discuss salary and other expectations with your consultant - this helps to know whether you're requirements can be met or whether the role is not for you
  • aspire recruitment consultants aim to make relationships supportive, informative and honest. Your contribution to this is important to ensure you get the most out of your job seek process.

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