In recent years there has been a growing interest for overseas job seekers to apply and work in Australia.

Before you leave your home you will be required to have your Australian work visa in order. This can be done by a consultation with the Australian Consulate or Embassy in your country of origin.

A listing of the Australian Consulates, embassies and high commissions, can be found here at:

Other conditions you should be aware of.
  • If you are under the age of 30, you may be eligible for a working holiday scheme visa.

    A working holiday scheme visa may be the solution for allowing you to travel and work at the same time.
  • Australia has arrangements with various international countries, such as the UK, US, Canada, Japan and allows international citizens of their respective countries, the chance to apply for a working holiday in Australia.
  • You can do any kind of temporary or casual work, but full-time work for longer than three months with one employer is not allowed. This is because the main purpose of your visit is supposed to be holiday and travel. Working holiday visas permit multiple entries to Australia and allow a total period of stay of up to twelve months.
Things to do upon arrival.
  • Application for Your TFN (Tax File Number)
  • Your tax file number will be used within your employment in Australia. You can apply for a tax file number from the Australian Tax Office.
    Another good idea is to open a bank account, and organise your payment options with your selected financial organisation.

Advice on your Career

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Overseas Job Seekers

Interview Techniques

Contact with your consultant

Superannuation and Income

Resume writing guidelines

Information about your Super

Applying for a working visa

Application for a Tax file number

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