When writing your resume, you should follow the following guidelines. These guidelines have been established to help assist you with your application and to ensure it's success.  

The Do's

  • Use plain paper white paper with an appropriate font (e.g Times Roman)
  • Set out your resume in simple, easy to read formatting. Ensure formatting is consistent throughout - e.g. font, indenting, paragraphing etc
  • Make sure your contact details are correct, especially your phone numbers
  • Your employment history should be in chronological order with most recent job listed first. It should in clued company name, dates of employment, your position title and your responsibilities and achievements.
  • Explain any gaps in employment history
  • If possible, keep your resume to three pages in length
  • Don’t forget to add any community or voluntary work as well as your interests and hobbies.
  • Proof read your resume as it should be perfect! Get to know your Resume to enable you to discuss it confidently.
The Don’t’s

  • Use fancy fonts which make the content unclear and therefore makes your resume hard to read
  • Make your resume cluttered. Trying to squeeze in every little bit of detail in small, unclear paragraphs.
  • Use fancy pictures, frames to try and decorate your resume. It is the content that counts!
  • Add details which are not relevant which makes your resume unclear and irrelevant.
  • Add phone number or details which don’t quite match your existing ones. Your consultant is trying his/her best to match your skills with the right role. If you are not contactable you will lose out on a great opportunity. Ensure these are correct!
  • Add details which are incorrect, fudge job employment dates, positions or employers. This will only add to your failure in the application process.
  • Waffling, adding extensive detail that usually is repetitive and tie wasting. By keeping your resume simple, expand on important points first.

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